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Mountain Mary (M. Brooks)

I love gigging in small mountain towns, as we have done in Italy and Switzerland. The people are lovely and enthusiastic. On the way to a gig once I found myself saying I love mountain people. Realising the accidental pun I turned it into a song.

Myself I come from the lowly hills
I love my home and I always will
I thought it was the tops until
I climbed the mountains squarely
In a mountain village where the road did turn
Met Mary from the mountains sitting on a churn
And for her my heart did burn
With desire for Mountain Mary

I love Mary from the mountains
Fair Mary from the fair bear mountains
I love Mary from the mountains
I love Mountain Mary

The strings of my heart went zing
The catch on her bra-strap went ping
I knew this was the real thing
You meet a woman like her so rarely
I loved her she loved me too
Tried to make her happy but I tell you
The greatest joy I ever knew
I got from Mountain Mary


But alas I could not stay
Soon I had to be on my way
I swore that I'd return one day
Though leaving her was scary
When I've been roaming to-ing fro-ing
I traveled with my heart a-glowing
The only thing that keeps me going
Is the thought of Mountain Mary


I love mountains shallow and steep
Mountain goats and mountain sheep
But of all life's riches the one I'd keep
I'd keep Mountain Mary


(c) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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